No teacher, no problem

By Shannon Smith

Features editor

Although it’s rare, there are occasions at Prospect where a teacher or substitute is late to class or no one shows up, but when this situation happens, most students aren’t sure what they need to do.

According to Dean of Students Pat Tedaldi-Monti, Prospect has no clear protocol on what to do when a teacher or sub doesn’t come to class, but she thinks the best solution is to go to an adult and let them know.

Most students have heard of the “15 minute rule”, in which after 15 minutes of waiting for a teacher to show up to class, students may leave, but what many don’t know is that rule isn’t applicable at Prospect.

“There have been times when kids are like ‘don’t tell anybody’ and they kind of head to the cafeteria,” Tedaldi Monti said, “Well, when you see a class walking down the hallway with no teacher, somebody usually runs to the division head and says no [teacher] is [with them].”

According to Tedaldi-Monti, if students do leave. it’s unlikely they would be given a detention, because it has never been made clear what to do when this situation occurs.

“I don’t think we ever tell kids if your teacher doesn’t show up do this, this and this,” Tedaldi-Monti said. “But I think kids would figure out [they] better go find someone.  The kids in our school are pretty resourceful.”