Valentine's Day survival guide

By: Lauren Miller
Broadcast Editorimages

Whether you are recently single, in a dry spell, or eternally alone, we all must suffer through the dreaded day, Feb. 14. As females, it is our duty, as well as misfortune, to endure this holiday, but fear not, for this day does not have to become an annual hindrance. Rather it can quickly transform from the mind-numbing couple-touting fest to an encouraging celebration of womanhood, all thanks to this nifty how-to guide.

1. Group Together: We are stronger in numbers than apart. This especially holds true on Valentine’s Day as a single lady. Friends will help you forget about the gnawing feeling of absolute loneliness with laughter and good times. At the very least, a group of friends can all relate to your similar feeling of heartache, so you know you’re not alone in this battle. So gather all of your girlfriends and prepare for a night of pampering.

2. Pamper yourself: This means go all out, I’m talking about the whole 9 yards. Homemade manicures, pedicures, and facials is a must. It’s true what they say, when you look good you feel good. Also pampering will help you relax and release the tension of school, family and of course your current singlehood. PS: if you’re feeling extra extravagant, I suggest a bubble bath with scented candles, and by the end of it you will be oozing relaxation.

3. Work Out: Even if it is for no more than 30 minutes. Exercise is a great way to release the tension and anxiety a school week can build. Not to mention your feeling of accomplishment afterwards. An added bonus: Since you have exercised and burned calories, when you go to pig out that Valentine’s Day night, you will be able to do so without any guilt.

4. Chick Flicks: Because nothing is a pick-me-up quite like Ryan Gosling shirtless, or any other guy in a chick flick for that matter.

5. Favorites: Personally, this is my favorite coping strategy, because it entails everything you love. This includes eating your favorite ice cream or food (I highly suggest Ben and Jerry’s. It’s always phenomenal brand when you want to eat your feelings), watching your favorite movie and listening to your favorite music. Everything you love to do and enjoy do it, because you deserve it.

6. Chocolate: Self-explanatory. Sad, angry, lonely, hungry, bitter, sullen; any emotions you are feeling, chocolate is the answer, always.

So ladies, do not get down on yourself. Instead cherish this day. You don’t have to buy for  anyone else or focus on anyone else, today is your day. Think of it as a self-appreciation day. More importantly cherish being single because you are strong enough to live and enjoy life without needing a man at your side and that is something to be proud of.