Wintermute named head coach for girls track and cross country

imageBy Erin McGovern
Associate Editor-in-Chief
As girls’ track season kicks into high gear again, some changes are in the air. Current head coach Dave Wurster will be retiring as head coach of girls’ track, and current assistant coach Pete Wintermute will step in to take his place for the 2015 season.
According to Wintermute, this opportunity has been years in the making as he stood by and learned from his fellow coaches. By working alongside Wurster and other track coaches like Lance Burmeister,  Wintermute believes he has gained the experience necessary to start the first year of his new position as head coach.
“I’m anxious and excited getting ready for next season, but it’s going to be nice to see coach Wurster go out on a high note this year after all the time he’s spent at Prospect,” Wintermute said.
After years of working under Wurster, Wintermute believes he has been given unique opportunities that have prepped him for the role he will take next year, even though he hadn’t known until this year that he would become head coach.
Fundraisers, overnight trips to competitions and working with uniforms constitute the extra work Wintermute has put into the program aside from just coaching the girls from the sidelines, and now he is ready to take the next step.
While the excitement for next year will be emphasized by the current season, Wintermute says his main obstacle in 2015 will be not having Wurster in the program anymore.
“The biggest challenge will be not having him here anymore,” Wintermute said. “I’ve always leaned on him for ideas… he’s got that wealth of knowledge that’s not really replaceable.”