Emma Riordan wins district wide architecture competition

2nd floorfloor planrenderingBy Jack McDermott

Online Managing Editor

Senior Emma Riordan won a house design competition between every student in the Project Lead the Way class called Civil Engineering and Architecture throughout the district last Friday, Feb. 28.  However, creating the finished layout was no easy task.

Riordan first began her project four months ago, starting with learning a Computer Aided- Design (CAD) modelling software called Revit, which is used to build houses and commercial buildings.  She also learned about the different parts that go into houses, like where walls are needed and which floors work best where.

For the competition, Riordan was given some guidelines to follow, like the house had to fit on the 90-by-134 foot lot, it needed to have four bedrooms, a two-to-three car garage and two stories, but a lot of the design was left up to her imagination.

Riordan started the competition feeling like she had a lot of time to get everything done, but then, after the initial judging period, where only 12 students from the district made it through, she felt very cramped on time. She only had one week to prepare her presentation and knew that she would meet good competition from Buffalo Grove’s program.

“I stayed after school every day last week and monday and tuesday this week, so that was very stressful,” Riordan said.

After presenting, however, all the work paid off, because she felt very confident with her performance.

“After I presented, I felt like it couldn’t have gone any better and my teacher said I had it in the bag,” Riordan said.

Because she won, her design will now be constructed into an actual residential home in Arlington Heights by Practical Architectural Construction (PAC), and Riordan is looking forward to be able to drive by and say, ‘I designed that.’

In college, Riordan hopes to continue with architecture but focus on the exterior elements of a building by becoming a landscape architect.  Landscape architects are responsible for designing many areas ranging from a backyard to a road through a forest preserve.

“It’s cool that I got to learn the aspects of the home part so it helps me understand the

whole process more,” Riordan said. “Now, when I go into college, I will be able to finish the lot with landscaping.”