Girls' tennis reaches sectionals

October 14, 2009

By Riley Simpson Sports Editor Last Thursday, Friday and Saturday, the girls' tennis team had conference play. Or, they were supposed to. The weather made sure that the matches were postponed until Saturday at Buffalo Grove and Tuesday at Hersey. By that time, the rain had gone away. "It wasn't so much ...

Boys' golf sends three to state

October 13, 2009

By Riley Simpson Sports Editor It was the great Don Adams who played Maxwell Smart in the 1965 television series "Get Smart."  His most memorable line, "missed it by that much," applies to the boys' golf team, who came extremely close to moving on to state this past weekend.  The Knights finished third in the I...

Creative "Zombieland" is anything but lifeless

October 8, 2009

By Riley Simpson Sports Editor Zombieland -Three and a half stars out of four The British film "Shaun of the Dead" pretty much pioneered the sub-genre of zombie-romantic-comedies, or "zom-rom-com's."  It perfectly mixed humor, action, horror, romance, and the undead with some memorable characters and a witty script to get an ...

Cartoon caper creatively combines reality and animation

October 5, 2009

By Riley Simpson Sports Editor Not all good movies are new. Some are old gems from the past. The Prospector would like to introduce old, quality movies to our school and community. You can rent these without spending a fortune at the movie theaters. Who Framed Roger Rabbit - Three and a half stars out of ...

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