Emmy's Emmys: Best Actress in a Comedy Show

By Emmy Lindfors
Managing Editor

Kat Dennings plays Max on CBS' "Two Broke Girls." The show aires at 7:30 on Mondays before "Two and a Half Men."
Kat Dennings stars in "Two Broke Girls" as Max, a Brooklyn waitress, who becomes friends with Caroline, a girl previously from a very wealthy family. "Two Broke Girls" airs right before "Two and a Half Men" on CBS at 7:30 on Monday.

Move over Tina Fey and Amy Poehler, there’s a new funny girl in town.
Meet Kat Dennings.
Some of you may know her from the cute movie “Nick and Norah’s Playlist” (She played Norah). But, today she scored her own sitcom right before “Two and a Half Men,” “Two Broke Girls.” The show is about Max (played by Dennings), a waitress at a Brooklyn diner. Max has always worked for things in her life as she came from a poor family. Then there’s Caroline, a newly broke girl whose dad was thrown in jail for embezzlement. Caroline is in hiding since all of New York hates her family.
When Max and Caroline cross paths, Max takes Caroline under her wing. The two become quick friends and are on their way to creating a successful cupcake business.
The stereotypical ditzy blonde of Caroline makes me roll my eyes. However, Dennings has a sarcastic humor which makes her enjoyable to watch. Quite frankly, after a long day of school, I don’t want to relax by watching people be obnoxious.
A prime example of this is when Max encounters the creepy, hairy cook Oleg. Oleg hits on Max every chance he gets, however, Max always replies with a witty comment delivered perfectly by Dennings.
In the end, if Dennings wasn’t the one playing Max, this show would fall apart. Caroline acts too dumb and preppy, and Oleg is plain creepy. Max ties everyone and everything up perfectly, just showing what a great actress Dennings is, making her the obvious choice for Best Actress in a Comedy Show.