Shrek musical expected to be great hit

ShrekBy Jack Ryan
Staff Writer

The rights to Shrek the Musical came out, and teacher Jeremy Morton had to show it here at Prospect. Morton got the rights to the musical, and with rehearsals going on now, the cast is crunching on time when opening day is April 29, and ends May 3.

Morton decided to show the musical at Prospect because he loves the overall theme of the movie.

“I love Shrek! I think it has an amazing message about not judging people on what they look like, and be who you are,” Morton said.

With rehearsals going on now, senior Josh Arshonsky is playing the famous Shrek, a beloved green ogre by everyone. Arshonsky chose this role because he knew this would be one of his most challenging roles to play at Prospect. With opening day coming closer, he has little time to perfect the role.

“I am very nervous! For number one I am in highschool, and Mike Myers is a full grown man in the movie. The person in Broadway was a man, but I have my own Shrek, not exactly what everyone’s expectations are,” Arshonsky said.

Arshonsky feels that he does not have to boss people around since he is a senior and is the lead role in the musical. He does not have to tell cast members what to do because when he is showing dedication to his role in rehearsal, he feels that it rubs off on other people, and that they will show dedication to their role as well.

Arshonsky is not the only one with pressure to perfect their famous roles. Senior Leanne Gadow is playing Donkey, senior Jennifer Ruda is playing Fionna, and junior James Farquharson is playing Lord Farquaad. Mary Godby is playing the voice of the dragon, while there is a 20 foot puppet that is going to be on stage with four to five puppeteers controlling it.

Despite the pressure of making this show the best they can, both Morton and Arshonsky think the the community will love Shrek because it is a comedic show for both kids and adults.

“I have no doubt in my mind that this will be one of the largest, most fun shows that I’ve done here in a long time. I think that audiences will be wanting more,” Morton said.

The reason that this is one of the largest shows Morton has ever done is that there is an enormous amount of people that are on the cast. The cast consists of 60 first through eighth graders that are a part of the kids chorus, 42 performers, four understudies, five student directors, 12 people in tech crew, 15 teenagers in orchestra.

Morton believes in the show because tickets have already gone on sale to the parents and some community members, and they are selling quickly. The tickets are not selling entirely to the public now, but if people go to the Prospect website they can click on a link that will take them to the tickets.

One thing Morton fears though is that there will not be enough tickets for everyone to see and enjoy the show because they are selling so quickly.

Even though not everybody will be able to see the musical, Morton and Arshonsky have faith in the cast that it will be a great show. Both are excited that this is the show that will end the theatre year here at Prospect.

“I think because of the big nature of the show, I thinks it a great way to end my senior year, and a fun way to end my senior year, and that’s what’s most important,” Arshonsky said.