Football hopeful for upcoming season

imageBy Peter Fusilero
Sports Editor
When asked about how the team was coming along this year, head football coach Mike Sebestyen simply said that growing process has been like a pregnancy.
“Game one is delivery day,” Sebestyen said. “We’ve been working for nine months and we will soon see whether that baby will have green or blue eyes.”
Even with the comparison to the birth of an infant, this team is certainly not one to overlook according to Sebestyen.
“There is an expectation that we are going to play week 10,” Sebestyen said. “They’ve worked very hard in the offseason to give themselves that opportunity.”
Despite losing a key player in Jackson Wrede, the team has a lot of experience returning and Sebestyen is excited to see how the upperclassmen step up.
“Jackson was the heart of that team,” Sebestyen said. “However, I think we got some kids who are capable and who can step right in and do their job on both sides of the ball. I feel this senior class is special.”
The team has set individual and team goals as they move closer to the start of the season.
“The biggest thing for us is are we improving week to week, do we get better,” Sebestyen said. “We are going to play a very tough schedule..we have to play smart football every week and really worry about us.”