New coach leads boys' soccer team

photoBy Peter Fusilero
Sports Editor
Jason Cohen has been the JV boys’ soccer coach for the past 10 years after stepping down from the varsity head coaching position in 2004. Like Michael Jordan who made his great comeback, Cohen now has the right to say, “I’m baaack.”
“I’m going from more of a developmental scenario where I’m building up the program to now you’re at the top of the program,” Cohen said. “It’s a much more competitive nature, it’s not necessarily building skill work, but putting it all together.”
Less than 50 percent of the team has varsity experience, so Cohen believes that each individual will need to rely on each other in order to become successful.
“With the system that we run, it’s not one [superstar] player,” Cohen said. “It’s the epitome of role players. Everybody has a responsibility. We’re not worried about one person trying to beat three other players. We’re worried about each person doing the best they can at their position. Through all of that, it’s going to help the entire team.”
Cohen recognizes senior leadership in Ian Lenke, Dominic Taldone, Bryan Velasquez and Alex Whiteman.
“All of them are good role models for the younger players coming up,” Cohen said. “They are all very hard workers and they also understand it’s not just them.”
According to Cohen, the Mid-Suburban League is one of the top three conferences in the state. The Knights will have to go through a pretty “grueling schedule.”
“There’s no easy night,” Cohen said. “Every other day playing takes its toll. All the way up from top to bottom, there are no breaks.”
Moving forward, Cohen looks to keep concepts the same as they have been in year’s past.
“We’re going to be keep doing what we’re doing,” Cohen said. “We’re just going to reinforce hard work and whatever happens at the end of the season happens.”