Will commits to Brown University

photoBy Eva Schacht
Executive Online News Editor
Two weeks before her senior year started, Taylor Will was thinking about her freshman year of college. Will was on a swing when she checked her iPhone, not expecting anything unusual, and received the biggest news of her life: she had just been accepted into Brown University’s freshmen class of 2019 to play basketball.
“I think I screamed,” Will said.
It was a huge accomplishment for Will, considering two of her cousins had already attended Brown to play basketball.
“[Going to Brown] is kind of a family tradition,” Will said.
Ultimately, the decision didn’t come down to tradition but time. Will was hesitant to decide between Brown and Boston University, but Brown ultimately offered more time for Will to focus on her studies while still being able to play basketball.
“The one thing that was really important to me was to have a balance so [that] going into it wouldn’t have to be a job,” Will said. “There’s opportunities [at Brown] to balance your life so you have equal time to have your college experience, play basketball and also manage school work.”
Throughout the decision process, varsity girls’ basketball coach Ashley Graham was by Will’s side, supporting and guiding her through the decision process.
“I knew what choices she had and where she wanted to go,” Graham said. “I was just extremely excited for her because she has worked really hard, both academically and athletically.”
Will has been on varsity basketball since freshman year, but she’s only had Graham as a coach since sophomore year.
“I knew she was extremely talented coming in,” Graham said. “Her junior year, she just exploded … She’s taken on more of a leadership role this year, and each year, there’s just been an area in which she’s improved.”
Will didn’t reinvent the basketball program, but her and the rest of the seniors redefined it.
“[The seniors] are really what we have built this program around, and it’s what they stand for: high integrity,” Graham said.
High integrity is what Will is. Not only was she an all-conference champion, but she also managed to join the 1,000 point club all in one year, something very hard to accomplish as a junior.
At the end of the season, around February/March, it will be hard for Graham to see the entire senior class leave Prospect. Graham hopes to see Will play at Brown next year.
“It’s only a plane ride away,” Graham said, “and [I hope] to get out there and see her play or see her play out here in the midwest.”