Athlete of the week: Chris Spudic

Senior Chris Spudic leads the Knighthood of Runners into the Nike Cross-country Midwest Regionals this Sunday. (Photo courtesy of Crest).

Athlete of the week is a new, online-only feature about one athlete who the Sports staff believes deserved recognition.  The feature will run, as you may have already guessed, every week.
This week’s choice is the leader of the Knighthood of Runners, senior Chris Spudic.  After placing fourth at state last weekend (Spudic nabbed fifth individually), the team now faces a chance at nationals with this Sunday’s Nike Cross-country Midwest regionals.
What is the best part about cross-country?

“I enjoy the team and their company.  They’re really fun to be around and we have good times.”
Why did you join cross-country?
“Originally, I was going to do soccer, but my friend [junior Albert Ciolek] said that it would be a better idea to do cross-country.  I just listened to him and I haven’t had any regrets since then.”
Are you going to miss running at Prospect next year?
“Yes and no.  Next year I’m going to run in college, so I’ll still have the running aspect.  The thing I’ll miss is the team.  So, I won’t miss running preset, I’ll just miss running with these kids.”

What activities do you participate in other than cross-country?
“Track in the spring and the Polar Bear Club, which is running in the winter, and I am in KINK.  [A class that I have] is Media Tech.  It’s fun because I get to make videos for the morning
announcements and all sorts of things with media.”
What has been your favorite year with cross-country at Prospect?
“My senior year, because it’s my first year without any injuries at all.  Last year I had knee problems and the year before I had hip problems.  Besides freshman year, this is my first complete year.  It was fun to be a senior and not be hurt and to actually run in every single meet.  I fully enjoy it.”