Football faces final game Friday

photoBy Peter Fusilero
Sports Editor 
After two back-to-back wins against Wheeling (45-42) and Buffalo Grove (24-14), the Knights look to finish their season strong against Elk Grove.
“Elk Grove is 0-8, but they’re a lot better than their record,” senior wide receiver Greg Suarez said. “We can’t overlook that and I just want to finish out my senior year on a good note.”
In the last two wins, the Knights did a great job of driving the ball. According to sophomore running back Andrew Shafis, they will need to carry out that same game plan headed into Friday.
“The goal is to just run it down their throat and get them tired,” Shafis said. “We just have to wear them down.”
Head coach Mike Sebestyen also adds another factor for their game plan.
“We really want to control the clock this game,” Sebestyen said. “We continuously want to control the football and keep [our] defense off of the field.”
However, when the defense is needed, Sebestyen says that they are giving the offense great field position.
“A lot of our drives are only 60 yards, give credit to the special teams as well,” Sebestyen said.
Suarez believes their last two wins were the result of fighting every single play.
“We played a full 48 minutes,” Suarez said. “There were rough times [in those two games], but we just kept on playing our hardest.”
Shafis wants to win this game for the seniors.
“I’m doing it for them. This is the last game, might as well go out with a bang,” Shafis said.
Sebestyen believes this senior class was a very special group top coach.
“When a lot of people were doubting, they didn’t,” Sebestyen said. “They believed in each other and they continued to work together to find a way through the adversity. They kept it together for this team and I think it’s a great example for our juniors and sophomores going forward.”