Soccer looks to rebound after tough start to the season

By Elai Kobayashi-Solomon
Opinion Editor
After a series of tough losses against Buffalo Grove and Palatine this week, the varsity girl’s soccer team looks to rebound after a tough start to the season.
According to head coach Tom Froats, the team has a very demanding schedule against many good teams that are able to capitalize on the girls’ mistakes on the field.
“We have a lot of young players and a lot of new players who haven’t played with each other, so we’re prone to making mistakes,” Froats said. “But we’re beginning to reduce the number of mistakes and play the way we want to, so I think there is definitely an improvement.”
Junior Andi Marfilius agrees that the team has been improving and thinks that the team is able to hold possession well. However, Marfilius believes that the team still has a lot of things to improve at, including finishing offensive chances and playing faster.
While not the start to the season the girls may have hoped for, both Froats and Marfilius said that the team has been able to maintain a positive atmosphere.
According to Marfilius, the girls “laugh all the time” and have pasta parties before every game, which not only help to strengthen the bonds between the girls, but also to keep the environment positive.
Not only that, but Froats says the important thing is to learn from your losses, something he believes the girls have been able to do this season.
“You can look at [the losses] with a defeatist attitude where it stops you from trying to improve, or you can look at it as a challenge; something that motivated you to get better,” Froats said. “I hope the girls can recognize that with hard work, good things will come.”