Tennis begins season at Hersey Invite

By Devin Prasad
Executive Sports Editor
On Saturday April 11, the boys’ tennis team will open their season as a part of the Hersey Invite.
So far this season, the weather has already been a factor for the team as they were forced to postpone their first meet which was scheduled to be played Thursday, April 9.
“Some of us may be a little rusty because of the rainouts, but I think we should be alright” said senior Ryan Weiler.
To prepare themselves for the approximately three matches each player will be a part of, the team has worked a lot in practice. One key feature in their practices are what they call challenge matches. In each challenge match, a pair of doubles partners or an individually player will challenge another pair or person. This allows each player to get many reps and play against multiple types of players.
Overall, the team is excited for their first chance to play against other teams this season. Weiler hopes that although the team is young they will still be able to place top three at the invite.
“It’s definitely going to be a good testing period because our meet got rained out on Thursday,” said senior Joey Hafertepe. “It’s going to be really nice to get an opportunity to see how our intensity from practice transfers into a tournament kind of match.”