Football begins season with fresh outlook


By Ben Dojutrek (@bdojutrek)
With school starting up again, a sense of renewal is in the air. Students return to the building and have new goals for the upcoming year. Be it the chance to participate in upcoming events, do better in school, or even just figure how to use an iPad. However, no one in the building has a simpler goal than Prospect’s football team.
“To win game one; focus on the present task — whatever maybe in front of us,” varsity head coach Mike Sebestyen said.
Last year, the Knights’ record was 3-6. This year, Prospect retains over 20 seniors on the varsity roster. Sebestyen says the retaining seniors have made the process of guiding the juniors and the team easier for the upcoming season, making for a more cohesive unit.
Prospect kicks off its season Friday. While playing early is never problematic, playing on the road to start the season can be, and the first game is against Jacobs in Algonquin. However, the team is not worried.
“The players are looking forward to playing game one, and that is the focus,” Sebestyen said. “Have to play on the road at some point.
Hopes for this year are riding high after the team won their last three games of last year.
“The momentum of the last three games helped for the start of the off-season, but that last game is ten months ago,” Sebestyen said. “This is a new team, different personality, they have to write their own chapter in the book of Prospect football.”