Knights bounce back at home opener


Ryan Molini (@molins_3)
Senior running back Bobby Jarosz finished the night after rushing for not 100 but 201 yards in Friday night’s home opening victory against Hoffman Estates. With a touchdown under his belt, Jarosz confidently ran the ball 23 times without letting go.
“My [offensive] line, I love them. They are like my brothers,” Jarosz said. “I can’t do anything without them. They’re everything to me.”
Pep Assembly-Football v. Hoffman 273
Also punching the ball into the endzone was senior and third-year starting quarterback Matt Drew as he also rushed for 37 yards in the Knights’ 14-7 victory over the Hawks.
With the game on the line within the last minute and the Hawks driving the ball down the field, Hoffman quarterback Keegan Pierce lobbed a deep ball to a covered Hawks’ receiver that led to junior defensive back Andrew Shaffis’ interception.
As Shaffis came down with the ball, George Gattas Memorial Stadium erupted with cheers. Securing the victory that ended with Drew kneeling the ball in victory formation, the Knights had brought home their first win of the 2015 season.
“At the end of the game, we have got to finish offensively,” head coach Mike Sebestyen said. “That’s the one thing we really have got to improve.”
After last weeks’ loss to Jacobs in the last minute of the game, Jarosz and his team were ready to not let that happen again.
“It’s been burning a hole in our hearts since that game,” Jarosz said. “We weren’t going to let that happen again. Home opener — we weren’t losing.”
With a couple questionable calls just before halftime, the Hawks gained the ball back within the last two minutes of the second quarter.
Tieing the game up 7-7 with 54.3 seconds left was Hoffman running back Chady Bitre with a one-yard run.
However, not looking back at the first half, the Knights had a new ballgame entering the third quarter. Drew ran a quarterback sneak on the one-yard line in the last minute of the third quarter.
The Knights finished the game with only three passing attempts and zero completions but found their success in defense and three ball carriers rushing for over 304 yards with Jarosz the leading carrier.
“To Bobby [Jarosz],” Sebestyen said. “Thank you.”