Soccer faces off against Conant


Live broadcast of the Conant at Prospect varsity soccer game on Friday, October 9, 2015. The game is set to start at 4:45 p.m.
The feed will be announced by Ben DojutrekPaul Evers and Leo Garkisch with sideline updates from Uzezi OkwataMolly Mueller and Erin Schultz will be producing with Claire Strother on the cameras.

By Ben Dojutrek
While most people at Prospect are gearing up for Football’s big game against Rolling Meadows, it’s not the only game being played at George Gattus tonight.  Soccer will kick off a tough matchup against Conant. Last time the Knights played Conant, the Knights came out with a 1-0 win.  However, Prospect is coming off losing six straight games, including a 3-0 loss to Palatine last week.
“The goal right now is to play our best,” junior Grant Whitebloom said. “We have to keep working hard and playing our game.”
Even despite recent struggles, the Knights have been competitive in all of the games, only losing by one or two goals.  However, coach Paul Elkins believes that the team can do better by working on their fundamentals.  That, strong defense, stopping soft goals and keeping possession of the ball are important to win this week’s matchup.
However, Elkins believes that the key to this match up is simple: just focus on winning.
“Our only focus in this game is winning,” Elkins said in an email interview.”Survive and advance, as the saying goes.”
Another thing Elkins believes is that the team needs to get over some mental mistakes made early in the season.  If they can do this, they can overcome the recent adversity and come out on top.
“To be able to compete and show toughness and consistency for 80 minutes, and more, if necessary,” Elkins said.  “We have the talent to win, but the mentality to win is more important.”
This game is also drawing more attention due to some support from The Underground (The U), who have included the game into its homecoming plans, making this game a kickoff to a night including Color the Knight and the football game.
“It’s great that we’re getting more people to come,” Whitebloom said. “We’re excited and we’re ready to show what we got.”