Girls’ volleyball team ends season with tough battle


By Devin Prasad (@the_d_prasad)
The girls’ volleyball team ended their season on Oct. 29 after a loss in the regional championship to Glenbrook North. According to senior, setter Michelle Haaning, GBN came out with confidence, having home court advantage. The Knights fell in the first game as they settled down and calmed their nerves. Haaning claims that the second and third games were two of their strongest of the season as they won the second and fell just short in the third.
“It was very sad obviously, but I am very proud,” Haaning said.
Haaning is not only proud of the way the team competed in the regional games but in the season as a whole. The Knights finished with an overall record of 24-13, and clicked immediately under head coach Laura Gerber. Haaning believes that in years past it has taken a longer time for the team to be on the same page, but this year they came together early on.
“What made us win all the time was just our team chemistry and our cheering energy,” Haaning said. “After every every point everyone came together and it really helped us.”
Haaning feels that out of the gate with summer camp, the team was driven to win and to compete at a high level. They had a great amount of talent this year, and were ready to take advantage of that.
A key part of the team as well was Gerber in her first year as coach. Gerber had a big connection to the team especially in regionals when Haaning, her niece, and junior Paige Gerber, her daughter, were able to play together. She made sure the team got better throughout the year, and helped motivate them.
“She really pushed everyone every single game and every single practice to do their best,” Haaning said.
She was also able to really take control of the team because she knows the game so well, according to Haaning. If Gerber told someone to fix something in their game, they did so immediately.
Although Haaning will not be around next year, she feels the future of the program is in good hands.
“They’re going to have an awesome season,” Haaning said. “Obviously the returning varsity players are awesome players and they’re really going to lead the team. I’m really excited for that, especially with coach Gerber having an amazing year in only her first season.”