Picking the decade's top athletes: Honorable Mentions

In time for the Prospector’s last issue of the decade, the Sports staff picked the decade’s best athletes from Prospect. The top 10 will be presented in Thursday’s print issue of the paper, along with the “near-misses”; until then, here are our honorable mentions, many of whom are extremely accomplished in their own rights.
Please comment on the bottom of this story, either with your opinions on these athletes missing the  top 10, or on the athletes you are hoping to see on our list in December’s print edition of the Prospector.

Note: Many of these athletes played other sports besides those listed, however we have listed only their primary sports.

Kiley Lythberg – Girls’ Softball
Will Hagel – Boys’ Golf, Boys’ Baseball
Hannah Wrenn – Girls’ Bowling
Andrew Bengsten – Boys’ Swimming, Water Polo
Eric Hedstrom – Boys’ Football
Justin Milos – Boys’ Wrestling
Jon Astreides – Boys’ Track and Field
Chris Hayek – Boys’ Cross Country
Tom Kujawa – Boys’ Tennis and Soccer
Bryon Gattas – Boys’ Football
Molly May – Girls’ Volleyball, Basketball and Track
Gabrielle Cottrell – Girls’ Basketball, Soccer and Volleyball
Max Cherwin – Boys’ Football
Annette White – Girls’ XC
Peter Garde – Boys’ Track
Shawn Stoltz – Boys’ Wrestling
Chris Mattes- Boys’ Gymnastics
Matt Babicz – Boys’ Track and Field, Football

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