Van Gogh exhibit offers new perspective


By Caley Griebenow, features editor
Instead of a typical movie and dinner date this Feb. 14, high school students and adults alike can head to the Art Institute of Chicago for a different approach to Valentine’s day. For the first time, all three of Van Gogh’s bedroom paintings will be on display in America. About 30 other works by Van Gogh will be also displayed.
Humanities teacher Teresa Buczinsky, who has visited the Art Institue well over 100 times with her classes and on her own time, believes this exhibit offers a fresh perspective on Van Gogh.
“[When you look at Van Gogh’s portraits and paintings] it’s like you’re staring into his soul,” Buczinsky said. “I don’t get tired of [looking at his paintings]. There’s always something knew to explore.”
Buczinsky takes her humanities class to the Art Institute every year, and she believes Van Gogh is great artist to explore because his works are approachable and Van Gogh himself is likable.
“You can’t help but like Van Gogh,” Buczinsky said. “He would sign his paintings just ‘Vincent,’ like he’s trying to get on a first name basis with us. There’s a sense of closeness.”
The exhibit will be open through May 10.

Information courtesy of the Chicago Tribune.