Best and worst movies of the summer

By Grace McKayWWZ (1) (1024x640)
Entertainment Editor


That’s all there was to the summer’s greatest films: hot and gorgeous men.  However, there were some movies featuring beautiful boys that failed to wow me.  Although a pretty face always helps, sometimes the faces don’t do enough.

“World War Z”, “The Internship” and “Fast & Furious 6” were all great films. (with great looking men…!)  There’s no surprise that the best movie of the summer had an amazingly stunning actor.  I mean, come on. Kate Dowd, the casting director of “World War Z,” got it just right.

The zombie flick that came out on June 21 gruesomely sliced the box offices with its passing of $500 million in the worldwide gross mark.  The movie followed Gerry Lane, played by Brad Pitt, as he fought zombies and attempted to end the zombie pandemic.

At one point in the movie, Lane was talking to one of the guys from the research team designed to find where patient zero came from.

“Mother Nature is a serial killer,” said Andrew Fassbach, played by Elyes Gabel. “No one’s better or more creative. Like all serial killers, she can’t help but have the urge to get caught or what good would all those brilliant crimes do if no one takes the credit? So she leaves crumbs.

“Now the hard part is seeing the crumbs, the clues there. Sometimes it’s in your thoughts where the most brutal part of a virus is. Turns out to be the chink in its armor. And she loves disguising her weaknesses as strengths. She’s a b****.”

One of the best quotes from the movie.

Unfortunately, not all movies captured the brilliance of “World War Z”; on the contrary, they downright sucked.  Neither the cute guys nor pretty faces could compensate for an overall disappointment.

“Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters,” “Man of Steel” and “Grown Ups 2” were terrible.  While watching “Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters,” I found myself looking at my phone several times to see when the movie was over.  The special effects made me laugh, the acting from some of the “professionals” made me chuckle and the cute main character, Logan Lerman, had a weird haircut.  The movie was painful.

“Man of Steel” was tedious from the very beginning. Although it did improve slightly as time went on, the fact is it’s just another superhero flick, nothing special.

“Grown Ups 2” doesn’t even deserve a review.  All I need to say is that the movie is the same as the first one.  Stupid humor, weird plot and bad acting.

And the winner of the worst film goes to… “Grown Ups 2!” Congratulations.

Viewers just need to take a step back, take a look at the current entertainment and see what is actually important in the movies. Not the plot or acting, but the man-candy. Just kidding 🙂