Water Break: Matt Inserra


By Jack Ankony, executive sports editor
Senior Matt Inserra
Best times of this season: 50yd freestyle 22.59,
100yd freestyle 49.67
What are some things the team is looking forward to the most heading into the season?
The ultimate goal is to win the East, so that is the one thing we are looking forward to. We are defending champs, and then obviously championship season, conference and sectionals putting up huge times.
What is the team focusing on to achieve those goals?
Right now, all you can do is go hard in practice, put up a lot of yards, and then at the end of the season, you start to drop the yards and all that stuff to put up good times.
img_7933 In your senior season, how are you trying to be a leader for the team?
[I’d definitely] like to be the captain; we vote on that soon. Being a leader, a lot of the other guys on the team have experience and will be leaders with me. Some of the lower lanes at practice tend to get off task a little bit, so it’s good to have us up there to keep them focused.
What are the main things the team needs to do in order to be as successful as possible?
First, it all goes to practice; you have to go hard in practice in order to be successful at meets. Then, when it comes to our meets, it’s all just mental attitude towards how fast you want to go. If you want to be successful, it is 90% mental.
How nice has it been to have the pool this season compared to swimming at Wheeling?
It’s really nice. We don’t have to travel, we don’t have to travel in the mornings, and just being right at Prospect it makes it so much easier.
What teams do you think will be your biggest competition in the East and how are you preparing for those matchups?
Rolling meadows is definitely a big matchup. We are preparing; we have been going hard in practice. Then, towards the end of the week, we back off a little and then just have to get after it at the meets.
What are your expectations for this season?
The expectation is we win the East. The West is pretty good this year; Barrington and Fremd are up there, but the expectation is to give them a fight and compete with them.