Boys’ soccer takes down Glenbrook South in home opener


By Tony Santangelo, sports editor
On August 23, the boys’ soccer team defeated Glenbrook South 1-0 off a goal from senior Aaron Whiteman, assisted by senior Nico Mho off a corner kick. The two captains were not the only players to contribute to Wednesday’s win. Kevin Shane, the goalie for the Knights, has only given up one goal all year. Edmund Conroy, Daniel LaCost, Johnny Keane, and Tengis Tulga provided the shut out as the defensive unit for the Knights.
“I have to give credit to my backline,” varsity head coach Michael Andrews said. “Any time Glenbrook South was around the 18, we were pressuring and making them go backwards with the ball.”
The Knights are 2-0 after beating Vernon Hills on Monday and most recently Glenbrook South. The team is made up of primarily young talent. Only six seniors are on the roster, along with three sophomores. This has not slowed down the pace of the Program, nor the future of it. At the end of spring last year, the senior players discussed the goals that the team wanted to accomplish by reflecting on the previous season.
“We talked about upping the intensity of training,” Andrews said. “We talked about the need for maintaining total unity throughout the course of the season…We need complete consistency of moral and perspective and again just loving every minute of it that you are on a field. I do think they are rising to the level they need to be at for sure.”