Artist of the Month 12/8

Artist of the Month 12/8

By Grace Givan, executive entertainment editor 

Q: What is your favorite kind of art and why?
A: I just like freestyle sketching. I like a lot of black and white drawings because … I’ve always done this style and I feel like this is what I’m best at … I’ve never been into using colors, like my favorite colors are black and white.
Q: How did you get into this kind of art?
A: I’ve always grown up drawing. When I was younger I did art camp and I took classes, and it’s always been an interest of mine. I always knew I would want to continue doing it for my whole life.

Q: Why do you like art?
A: It’s a way to express yourself, and there are so many different kinds of art. Different people can show how they feel and what they like. I feel like it’s a good way to show your inner thoughts and feelings.
Q: Do you have an example of when you drew your inner thoughts and feelings?
A: When I went on vacation to Colorado, I brought paper and pens with me. And there was a lot of mountains and flowers there, and I was drawing a bunch of them since I thought they were super pretty, and I [felt] really happy.

Q: How do you feel while drawing?
A: Usually feel really relaxed because I tend to draw when I’m feeling stressed out because it helps me calm down. It’s when I can sit down, be quiet, and let out all of my thoughts into drawings.
Q: How do you grow yourself?
A: I follow a bunch of [artists] on instagram and I ask other people who draw what they do what what supplies they use. And I was recommended comic markers and now I use those.

Q: How often do you make art?

A: It just depends on when I have time and how I’m feeling. Sometimes, I’ll just really want to draw, and maybe I’ll draw three things in one day. And sometimes, I won’t draw for a whole week. It just depends on my experiences, and what inspires me at that moment.