Prospect's Portfolio: Megan Young


Sophomore Megan Young 

Q: What is your favorite kind of art and why?
A: I really like drawing nature scenes because it’s really what I’m best at. … I like drawing nature because I can just look out the window and draw whatever I see.
Q: How did you get into this kind of art?
A: I don’t think is exactly something I got into, it’s more like something I’ve always done. Like when I was maybe six or seven I [would] teach myself how to draw horses really well. I’ve just always continued it.
Q: Why do you like this art?
A: Doing art, for me, is really relaxing, and it helps to cool down if I’ve had a stressful week.
Q:What inspires you?
A: Mainly whatever animal I’m thinking of or if I’ve been into any kind of movie or book. I’ve drawn the owl from Harry Potter and superheros. It’s just whatever I happen to be into at that time.

Q: How often do you make art?
A: I try to make time for art once at least every weekend because it can be hard to get time in during the week with all of my homework and activities.

Q: How do you improve yourself?
A: I definitely try to improve myself by learning new techniques. And I’ll see other people’s art be like, “Oh, I really want to learn how to do that.” I also try work [at] it until I have perfected it.
Q: What do you plan on doing with art in the future?
A: I don’t think art is ever going to be a main career for me, but I definitely will try to continue it just as a way to relax. … If I become an interior designer, I think a lot of interior design is art because art is just a lot of making things so they look their best. So I think I really could use that in interior design.