Boys Soccer drops conference opener


By Cameron Sullivan, Sports Editor
Prospect varsity boys’ soccer started out the scoring in a game against John Hersey High School on September 5th. Senior midfielder Jonny Keane scored this goal off of a Declan Flanagan corner kick about 25 minutes and 20 seconds into the game to take an early 1-0 lead. This was also Keane’s second goal on the year.
“This was the second game in a row where we scored a goal like that,” head coach Michael Andrews said “a [Declan] Flanagan corner kick to [Jonny] Keane.” 
Unfortunately for Prospect this would be their only goal for the rest of the night as they would go on to lose 2-1. Prospect’s record is now 2-2-1 while Hersey improves to a record of 2-1-1.
With about 13 minutes and 50 seconds remaining in the first half, Hersey’s sophomore midfielder Simon Hemenway scored an unassisted goal to tie the game up 1-1.
The other goal did not come until the second half was almost over, when Hersey’s midfielder Sam Schuffler passed the ball to a fellow midfielder, Ronan Wilcox, for a goal. This goal was scored with one minute and 59 seconds remaining of the second half.
“It’s an awful feeling to lose this way, but you have to move on, you learn from it and you move forward,” Andrews stated.
Aside from the negatives of this loss, Andrews loved how the midfield played. He said Keane, Flanagan and Krystian Potapa had great chemistry on the field. According to Andrews, they had control throughout most of the game and Keane had Wilcox locked down for the majority of the game.
Going into the game they knew that Wilcox and forward Patryk Bujak would be a big threat. Even though Wilcox ended up scoring, Bujak did not as they kept him locked down. 
Both goalkeepers had good nights as well. Prospect’s senior goal keeper Szymon Mocarski had multiple saves and Hersey’s junior goalkeeper Reece Delahunty also made some crucial saves.
Prospect looks to improve on this loss as they play Palatine High School Sep. 10. They will acknowledge the positives and watch film in order to refine what they need to refine. Andrews has a good sense of how Palatine plays and he said they are always a strong team. 
“Our defenders need to be ready to win the battle in the air against palatine, and when we do win it, we get it on the ground and play our brand of soccer,” Andrews said.