September artist of the month: Madeline Flannigan


Interview by Madison Manczko, Opinion Editor
Q: How long have you been creating art?
A: I started in 5th grade. That’s when I really started getting into it and buying sketchbooks and markers.
Q: What is your favorite type of art to create?
A: Right now I really like drawing with just pencil, but what I want to do is make film.
Q: What is your favorite piece of art that you have made? What makes it special?
A: I really like the portrait that I’m working on right now. Compared to the last oil painting I made six months ago there’s a lot of noticeable growth, so I’m already pretty proud of it.
Q: Where do you usually get your inspiration to create?
A: Movies and music videos. I really like the idea of people physically interacting with color and sound, and how they all impact the way we perceive stories.
Q: What advice do you have for aspiring artists without much experience?
A: There are three main components to making good art: creativity, skill, and talent. Skill is probably the biggest part of it, and the only way you can build skill is by practicing.