December Artist of the Month: Giahan Tran


Shannon McGovern

  1. What kind of art are you most interested in and why?

“[I am most interested in] animation because as a child, I was always very imaginative. I always loved to build up stories and characters in my head, and I would love to be able to bring them to life on the screen.”

2. Are you interested in pursuing art in your future?

“I would love to work for Pixar as my dream goal. But I really want to change the world, even just a little bit — to be able to have some impact on someone’s life through meaningful artwork.”

3. What is your favorite thing about art?

“You can convey a lot of messages through art. You have the ability to make someone feel happy or sad through artwork. You can tell a story through art that words cannot express. You can create one thing, and it can convey a hundred different messages because people are all different. I learned to enjoy art — it started out as a hobby and became a passion.”

4. What do you base most of your artwork on?

“My artwork reflects on my life experiences. Also, I like to take current life events and issues and use art to reflect different perspectives. For example, women’s rights or the Amazon [rainforest] burning down are topics that I can use in my art as a tool to start conversations about these topics.”

5.  What are some of your proudest pieces of artwork?

“My large oil paintings, especially ones that I went out of my comfort zone to do. The one hanging up in the display case in the hallway. It’s named ‘Destiny’. It was named after a student and friend of mine who modelled for me. I am also proud of some of my animation pieces that I feature on my Youtube channel.”

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