Wifi difficulties hinder learning


Olivia Kim, Editor-in-Chief

Last week, classes started to experience difficulties with WiFi connections and speed. However, by Monday morning, students and faculty were entirely unable to connect to the internet until second period.  

According to Ray Collins at the Technology Help Desk, the main feed for the WiFi started experiencing difficulties last week. In response to the problems, a backup network was implemented which is also experiencing difficulties. Now, another network has been set up for temporary use for students and faculty until the main problem can be resolved.

The main feed is managed and located at Forest View Educational Center where the people controlling it are “always making changes [to the WiFi to improve it]. It’s technology: there’s always changes,” according to Collins.

In response to the network connection losses, those managing the network at Forest View adjusted the web shaping technology block various websites such as streaming sites to reduce traffic on the network by reducing the internet’s capabilities.

While there is not much the Technology Help Desk can do in regards to the WiFi issues, Collins hopes people can make the most out of this situation.

“I know that sometimes it’s refreshing to disconnect yourself from technology, but I also understand there are some curriculum that are completely dependent on technology,” Collins said.

He also added that Forest View is aware of the issue and “are doing their best to resolve it”, and for the time being the best that can be offered is this temporary network.

(photo of student unable to access websites due to lack of internet connection by Olivia Kim)