Prospector Political Publish Week #18: Voter turnout essential for accurate election despite Coronavirus fears


Brendan Burke, Copy Editor

Amid the COVID-19 concerns that have taken over the world and our community, it seems that the last thing on the minds of Illinoisans is the upcoming primary on March 17. However, the 2020 election is one of the most historic, vital ones ever, and I continue to urge voters to safely execute their constitutional right by either mailing in a ballot, early voting or safely using their local polling place on the day of the primary.


I want all voters — especially those who will be voting for the first time — to realize the importance of turnout on this election in order to ensure the security of them remains intact while also making them far more accurate. 


In the 2018 midterm elections, only 53.4% of eligible adults voted — just a little over half of our country voiced their opinions. That number must go up.


All readers must understand that sanitation is the number one priority at times such as these and if anyone believes they may have had contact with or are worried of contracting COVID-19, please do not go to a polling place this upcoming Tuesday. 


Instead, I urge voters to mail in their ballots while wearing gloves; a virus will not stop our democracy from functioning. Another way to secure your votes is by finding where to early vote before more and more areas begin to close because of this virus.


I hope everyone will feel the luck of the Irish on March 17 and safely execute their constitutional right. Let’s fight this virus and sustain our democracy.