Photo courtesy of Julianne Evans.

Kevin Lynch, Editor-in-Chief

The new Math/Science Division Head was announced Friday to be Julianne Evans, current math teacher and Instructional Coach at Libertyville High School. Evans will be joining the Prospect staff in the 2021-22 school year as it was announced last week that current Math/Science Division Head Keith Bellof will be stepping down this year to assume the position of Director of Student Life at Buffalo Grove High School.

Evans has taught at Libertyville High School for nine years, ever since the start of her teaching career. 

Growing up in Schaumburg, she says she had always heard good things about Prospect, and after getting her masters’ degree in school leadership from Concordia University in 2016, she was looking for “the right fit” before leaving Libertyville. 

“I’m just …  looking forward to getting to know the people … and then of course I’m really excited to meet the people that I’m working with in the Math and Science Department [and] kind of figuring out where everyone is at and where they want to go,” Evans said.

According to Evans, though she originally intended to go into business, she found teaching to be a more fulfilling career compared to sitting in a cubicle. Now, she is eager to bring her passion to Prospect.

“I can’t wait to just jump right in in the fall … I think it’ll be a positive challenge and [it’s] something I’m really excited about,” Evans said.