Oscar's best dressed and biggest mess

By Maggie Devereux
Staff Writer

Sandra Bullock– My personal favorite of the night was good old Sandy. The lace top and glittering bottom went perfectly with her Oscar for best actress in a leading role. It was stunning.
Sandra Bullock
Sandra Bullock
Meryl Streep– After a couple questionable fashion calls at previous award shows, Meryl pulled it together for this one. The white color was complemented her hair style and it was definitely age-appropriate.
Penelope Cruz– The deep red color of her dress went well with her skin tone and hair color. And the detail to the top was gorgeous.

Cameron Diaz– I loved this dress! The color was beautiful as well as the shape of the gown. The tight body and flowing skirt looked amazing. The gold flecks made the dress sparkle beautifully.
Gabourey Sidibe– The blue worked so well for her and the silver accents made all the difference. It was very pretty.

Mo’Nique– Also in blue, she shined like her Oscar for best supporting actress. It was a beautiful dress and her personality brought the dress to life.
Jennifer Lopez– While it looked like she was wrapped up in light pink bubble wrap, somehow she pulled it off pleasing critics. As the night went on however, it was apparent that the Armani Prive actually worked on her.
Anna Hendricks– The young actress that stars in “Up in the Air” was beautiful in a light pink shoulder Dress. The color matched her skin tone and the dress really worked for her. The shoes even matched.
Demi Moore– Another of my favorites, the color looked beautiful on her, and the ruffles weren’t too obnoxious. Finally, one got the ruffles right.
Kathryn Bigelow– Her dress was pretty, but a little boring. Just a simple grey and a slightly detailed top. It made her look older than she really is.

Kristen Stewart– The midnight blue/purple was a great color choice, and the strapless dress worked. It was a little plain, but since it looked good, it was OK.
Tina Fey–  She was maybe the only one there that could manage to pull off an animal print one shoulder dress that was just as eccentric as her.
Mariah Carey– Another fashion flop. The deep blue dress with the slit on the side was not flattering at all. Come on, your too old for that, plus the tipsy attitude didn’t help.
Diane Kruger– If you were a bird… you might want a dress like this. The feathery black accents and ruffled middle made an awful dress even worse. Nothing there worked.
Miley Cyrus– Miley, Miley, Miley. How could you have taken a beautiful dress and still made it look awkward? The gold was such a great color choice and the dress was amazing. Her pulled back hair style and slouchy posture did it no justice.
Miley Cyrus
Miley Cyrus
Zoe Saldana– How anyone could have made that dress, let alone have worn it to a prestigious award show beats me. The gold top was beautiful, but when it was followed by an enormous flowing purple mess of a skirt, it looked terrible.
Carey Mulligan– The “An Education” actress had a dress that was favorite among the critics, but to me, it was just corny. She’s young, yes, but when her dress looked like it was crafted by a five-year-old who went crazy with a glue gun as he cleaned out the kitchen drawer, there is a problem. Spoons, knives, even mini scissors were on that dress. That’s not style, that’s tacky.

Maggie Gyllenhaal– The color of the dress was beautiful, but the pattern was way to casual for an awards show. It looked like she stole a curtain from a beach hotel and wrapped it around herself. Was this the Oscars or a luau?
Amanda Seyfried– The dress had that same strange pattern we saw on J-Lo, but here, the white of the dress and the white of her skin just blended together into a ghostly appearance. She needed a different color dress or a really good spray tan.
Vera Farmiga–  She looked more like a birthday party streamer in that dress, which made her look fat and ruffly. It was just hideous ruffle after ruffle, and that color looked terrible on her, too.

Sarah Jessica Parker– Not sure what she was going for here. I think it may have been Cleopatra inspired, but whatever it was, it did not work out.

Sigourney Weaver– Someone grabbed a red bed sheet and tied a black ribbon around it. Classic.

Rachel McAdams– The floral, flowing mess gave her an old lady style appearance. It was like the table cloth from your grandma’s kitchen.

Charlize Theron– Oh boy. The color: Perfect. No straps: it worked. The two major roses across her breasts: not flattering at all. It took all the attention from anything else about her.

Charlize Theron
Charlize Theron

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