Elevation dominating UFC, prepares for big tests

By Jack Matthews
Staff Writer
It is now week four in the Ultimate Frisbee Club and with the playoffs right around the corner the standings are starting to take form.  
Leading the power rankings is Team Elevation with a perfect 12-0 record.  Elevation has only lost one game in the last two years, a heartbreaking loss in the championship game of last year.  
With a bad taste in their mouth they have been motivated to beat anyone and everyone this year and not come up short in the final game.

Kevin Somogyi, the only junior player on Elevation, says his team will not repeat that performance.
“I wasn’t on the team last year but my teammates still talk about it and are still mad about how that game went,” Somogyi said.  “This year we are not getting too cocky and we hope to finish as the champs.”  
To this point, the team isn’t taking chances and have dominated almost everyone they have faced.
“Most teams just give up within the first few minutes because it is just overwhelming how good they are.” said Jack Landwehr, a member of Right Above it, whose team is ranked in the top ten and have yet to play Elevation. The UFC does have a couple of challenges for Elevation like Barney and Friends who have only recorded one loss, Chocobots who upset them in last years championship game and Right Above It.
“Anything can happen in a game of frisbee,” Landwehr said, ” I definitely wouldn’t say we are the favorites but with a little luck we might have a small chance”. They cannot lose focus on this week though as this Friday they play their toughest game yet, against Barney and Friends. 
“It is the week [everyone] has been waiting for this season,” said club sponsor John Camardella, “This friday Elevation will put their reputation on the line vs. Barney and Friends.”