Boys' basketball falls to Waukegan

By Jack Mathews
Staff Writer
After a good showing against Brooks College Prep Academy last weekend and victories in 9 of their last 11 games, Prospect was optimistic about how they would fare in the playoffs.
Unfortunately for the Knights, they faced a tough opponent in Waukegan in the first round of the playoffs and lost 49-45.

Prospect struggled to find their rhythm in the first half and found themselves down 13 points
“They came out amped up on defense and they trapped hard, early and often,” Camardella said.     “Without a doubt that was what made it so difficult for us to get going.”
Waukegan’s defense specifically targeted junior Mike Latulip. Latulip was double teamed everywhere on the court for a majority of the game and limited to 13 points on 31% shooting.
On the other end, guards Akeem Springs and Aaron Johnson combined to score 41 of Waukegan’s 49 points.
“I thought we played pretty well on defense but players make plays, and [Springs and Johnson] hit some tough shots,” senior Matt Loebbaka said.
At the start of the fourth quarter, Prospect was able to bring themselves back into the game by hitting three consecutive three pointers and actually took the lead with just under four minutes remaining.  Waukegan’s athleticism prevailed in the residing minutes however, and the Bulldogs were able to pull out the win.
“Throughout the game they were able to control the tempo and… when you play a team that athletic and strong, it’s difficult,” Camardella said.
“They got ahead early and forced us to play catch up for most of the game,” Loebbaka said, “it really sped us up and had us playing at their tempo.”