Prospect honors Pohlman

By Ian Magnuson
Executive Photos Editor
The Prospect varsity baseball field was named after retired coach, Larry Pohlman during a pregame ceremony before the home game between Hersey and Prospect on April 21.
“I was elated and humbled, I was numb, and it’s just an honor that you don’t think that something like that’s ever going to happen,” said Pohlman.

Friends, family and former players of Pohlman gathered in the community room for treats and to congratulate him.The former coach gave a speech in front of the group, reminiscing about his coaching days and how he was so honored to have worked at Prospect.
As the crowd migrated towards the varsity baseball field, Pohlman got ready to throw the first pitch of the game.
“I haven’t thrown a ball for a long time. It will go more than a couple of feet and how high and how wide I have no idea,” Pohlman joked, “hopefully it will be in the range where the catcher can catch it.”

That catcher would turn out to be his old short stop and now Cubs manager, Mike Quade, who caught the pitch on a fly.

“I know I have not caught [a ball] from someone who has meant as much to me and was so important to my career,” Quade said. “You always appreciate when people who work hard and dedicate so much of their time to something, and especially when it’s which kids are rewarded.”


“All of us are shaped by a lot of different things. The teachers and the coaches that you play for and go to school with are huge in your life, and Larry was one of them.”