'Little Knights' Graduate

By Anna Boratyn        DSC_6056
Features Editor
The preschool class of 2011 graduated this year on May 23 in the Community room. In the afternoon shift of graduation, preschoolers and their teachers, Prospect students, celebrated the end of the year with speeches, songs and hilarious antics from of the preschoolers.
Preschoolers wearing white, paper graduation caps sat, fidgeting, on tiny blue chairs in a row in front of the community room.
After speeches, a poem recited by preschool teacher Amy Collins, and the reading of the book Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See?, preschoolers walked onto a raised platform and received their diplomas.
A preschooler named Olivia in a pink dress caused the room to erupt in giggles when she posed like a supermodel after receiving her diploma, a preschool boy gave a cheesy grin, and a little girl named Kylie exclaimed, “Yay!”     Edge thing
The two shifts of graduation occurred on May 23 — a morning graduation was led by preschool teacher Lisa Curtin, and an afternoon session was led by Collins.
According to Curtin, the goal of a preschool graduation is to showcase all of the children and have an end-of-the-year party for parents to see all that their children have achieved.
Graduation is a teacher-directed but student-driven effort, with Curtin overseeing several different committees of Prospect students. One committee provided food for the graduation, while another presented an iMovie of the year.
But for Curtin, the work organizing the graduation was worth the outcome.
“I just like watching the little ones get animated when singing,” Curtin said.