The March Madness world according to Maggie

By Maggie Devereux
Online Managing Editor
If you’re in our NCAA bracket competition and have seen it, or you just want to check out my bracket, I feel like I owe an explanation. It’s not just completely random by a girl who had no idea what she was picking. That’s only half true.
When I was younger, I decided I could run my bracket the way I wanted to. Since I was only competing against my brother and my dad, it didn’t really matter anyways. I decided I would write in my next pick after the completion of the previous round. I wasn’t a fan of the fact that my champion could possibly get eliminated in the first round– who would be?

So this year when The Prospector came up with this idea, I realized I’d actually have to follow the rules. Which meant that I could either sit and try to pick the real winners, or pick by some other unrelated way. I chose the second option.
My bracket is based primarily on where I could see myself going to college. Which explains why Creighton beats North Carolina, why Michigan doesn’t make it out of the first round, why Missouri wins and especially why Notre Dame makes it to the Elite Eight. All you Irish haters out there, back off. 
In some of the games I didn’t like either of the schools, so I went with the mascot that looked the coolest or the name that sounded better. And in some cases I even just took the lower number. Yeah, I’m that kid.
And finally when it came down to it, I used the little bit of college basketball knowledge I have to finish the bracket. Because if I actually had Notre Dame– as much as I love them– win the whole thing, I’d just look silly.
So if your like our executive sports editor or my brother, you’ll just laugh at my bracket. And when my bracket beats the one you spent longer than 10 minutes thinking about, well I’ll be the one laughing.
But probably not, I’ll be too shocked to laugh. Good luck and bring it on!