Emmy's Emmys: Biggest Disappointment

By Emmy Lindfors
Managing Editor
Caution Spoiler Alert Ahead
Tonight “Pretty Little Liars” viewers were finally going to get what they wanted: to know who the mysterious A was. (For those of you who don’t know, A is the stalker of the four ‘Liars’ Aria, Spencer, Hannah and Emily)
I had spent my weekend reading articles, peoples’ opinions and watching sneak peeks of the “unmAsked” episode. Needless to say, I was psyched for tonight. I had made sure to finish my homework quickly and basically planned my whole night around this episode.
I was mainly excited because in the numerous articles read, I was told that A wasn’t going to be who it was in the books, and I was going to be “knocked off my chair” and “completely surprised.” I came up with theories in my mind of who A could be. I even went along with the possible theory Fitz could be A. (even though I would never want that to be true)
But tonight left me completely disappointed, aggravated and ready to throw something. Why you ask? Because the producers of the show lied. (I should have known in a show with the word liars in the title, right?)
Tonight it was revealed that the A from the book series was the A from the TV show. So, I sat there watching a scene from literally right out of the book be portrayed on the screen and knew exactly what was coming.
Given, the show didn’t go exactly how the book went. A is still living now where in the book they die, and the show left viewers with a few more questions, but nothing major. (watch the episode to find out these questions) And, I do not mind seeing this person who was A go away. They totally bugged me throughout the season and were extremely creepy in this episode. Saying adios isn’t that hard.
But, still, there’s only one word for this episode: disAppointing.