Wacky News

By Anna Boratyn
Executive Opinion
The story: Patricia Krentcil, a mom who allegedly put her six-year-old daughter into a tanning booth, now has an action figure, sold at $29.95 by Herobuilders.com, a company that specializes in customized action figures.
CEO Emil Vicale admits that the action figure “doesn’t really look like [Krencil]” but says that it’s a good likeness under time constraints.
Vicale suspects that the people who know  Krencil are the ones purchasing the dolls.
“We’re getting orders from her part of the country,” Vicale said.
Collectibles expert Stephen Fishler said that the doll has a limited market and isn’t a good investment, in terms of collectibles.
“The people who buy it should be people who find it funny in and of itself,” Fishler told the Huffington Post.
My Take:  Not only does the new action figure “[not] really look like” Krentcil, it looks nothing like her.  It looks like a Barbie dressed in black with orange on her face.  If I dunked my American Girl doll into orange paint, and started calling her Snookie, the resemblance would be clearer.
Krentcil shouldn’t even have an action figure in the first place.  She’s gotten enough attention—from being on the news, to being derided by Snookie, to being played by Kristen Wiig on Saturday Night Live, to attempting to douse paparazzi on her front lawn with a hose, Krentcil is enjoying herself way too much.
Disarmed by her leathery, couch-like appearance, people seem to have forgotten that Krentcil is likely a child abuse.
If she did indeed put her six-year-old child into a tanning salon (read: melanoma factory) Krentcil did something that isn’t funny so much as it is despicable.
Even an orange-hued Snookie remarked, “That B*&%#$ is crazy.  You are not supposed to take kids there.”
If Snookie says someone’s out of line, that someone is several miles south of the realm of sanity.