Wacky News

By Anna Boratyn
Executive Opinion Editor|
The Story:
England’s King Richard III, who died in 1485 during the War of the Roses, an English Civil war  may be buried under a parking lot in Leicester, England, according to the Los Angeles Times. Richard III is known for his role in the Shakespearean tragedy, “Richard III.”
A team from the University of Leicester has begun to excavate the parking lot, which the believe used to be the site of a Franciscan friary.  Experts decided that the parking lot was a plausible location based on previous discoveries and the postulated position of the church.  The team will use radar to search for an ideal digging spot.  If he’s found, Richard III will be buried at Leicester cathedral.
My Take:
There are plenty of things in Prospect’s parking lot: crushed cans, movie tickets, (until recently) band practice , vans and sedans.  In general however, we have a disappointing lack of historical figures under parking spaces.
How excellent would it be if we came to school one day and the parking lot was cordoned off because evidence that George Washington had been buried there had come to light? It’s not every day you can step on historical figures.
But never mind finding Richard III– how did he get lost?  Did a construction worker just walk by one day and think to himself, “Goodness, what an excellent friary!  Better get that cement truck straight over here!”?