Catch him if you can

Senior Chris Spudic leads Prospect's Knights cross country Invitational. He finished with a time of 15:10. (Photo courtesy Amanda Mlikan)
Senior Chris Spudic leads Prospect’s Knights cross country Invitational. He finished with a time of 15:10. (Photo by Amanda Mlikan)

By: Kate Schroeder
Managing editor
Last week senior Chris Spudic broke the school record on Prospects home field during the Knight’s cross country meet against Hersey and Loyola.
Spudic broke the record made by Ryan Craven in 2005. His time was 15:11 and Spudic finished the race at 15:10

Spudic’s competition was three seconds behind him at the half and seven seconds back at the mile. Spudic ended up finishing 31 seconds ahead of the rest of the competition.
“I didn’t think that I was that far ahead of everyone,” Spudic said.
What motivated Spudic to finish the race strong was to not let is competitors meet up with him during the race.
“I just think ‘I don’t want them to catch me,’” Spudic said. “I have got to keep adding distance.”
Because Spudic had no one to challenge himself to go faster he had to ‘mentally persevere’ and push himself.
“You always think in your mind ‘God why can’t this be over. It hurts,’” Spudic said. “But also you love that you are trying to achieve something.”
A few weeks ago Spudic didn’t think it was possible for him to break the record until he ran well at the meet the Saturday before.
Breaking the school record has raised Spudic’s confidence but he believes it hasn’t changed his goals the team winning a state trophy and his personal goal of being all state.
“Everyone has to be consistent and then we can do it,” Spudic said.
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