Girls' cross country beats odds, wins conference

By Riley Simpson
Sports Editor
Last Friday, according to junior Savannah Snead, the girls’ cross-country coach Dave Wurster shared some unsettling information with his team. Even though the team started the season ranked high in state, and even though they have had a great season so far, a poll on the IHSA website showed that Propsect wasn’t favored to win the conference meet on Saturday. Their rival, Palatine, was.
Senior Kasey Krum said that the team’s amazing rank at the start of the season got to their heads, affecting their performance this season. The Knights were underdogs. And what has every Hollywood sports movie ever taught people? Underdogs win.
And that’s what the girls did. The team won conference at Busse Woods on Saturday, beating second-place Palatine by a score of 58-61 (lower scores are better in cross-country).
Coming in fourth place was freshman Brooke Wolfe, timing in at 17:56. Right behind her were senior Annette White in sixth place with a time of 18:10 and Snead in 17th place with a time of 18:56.
According to Krum, who finished 19th at 18:57, the team is confident in making it to state. She said that they will take it easy at regionals, which is next Saturday, and sectionals, since the top five teams in both advance.
“Hopefully things will just keep getting better,” Krum said.