Ultimate Frisbee Recap: Week Five

Picture by Danny Cubberly
Picture by Danny Cubberly

Week 5
By Alex Cannella
News Editor

This week’s matches started as struggles against the rain and wind in the first match-ups, to the mud-filled bouts in the final minutes. This Friday was the kind of day where anything could happen and any team could be toppled. The top three match-ups this week were Elevation vs. Barney and Friends, Royal Flush vs. the Chocobots and Royal Flush vs. the Swag Surfers.
Elevation still soaring
Elevation has continued their undefeated streak to reach a 15-0 record. They started their day with a 9-2 victory against Barney and Friends. Barney and Friends made a valiant effort, and the team made it within inches of the Elevation end zone several times. However, they were foiled in almost all of their attempts as the wind tore at their deep passes and Elevation beat down their short ones. Junior Matt Molini made a notable catch for Elevation off a defender’s block for a touchdown.
Chocos upset Royal Flush
The Chocobots pulled off an upset against Royal Flush. They found their groove and fought hard to stomp Royal Flush 7-3.  Flush, for their part, put up a lackluster defense and allowed seniors Jake Suckow and Kevin Wolter to get undefended touchdowns. Wolter also made a notable diving save right on the sideline. The Chocos even claimed the play of the match when sophomore Tom LeClere made a diving catch and landed inches from the sideline for a touchdown.
Swag flushed down
The most surprising thing about this match was how well Royal Flush recovered from the beating they took at the hands of the Chocos. In the match against the Swag Surfers directly afterwards, they found their groove and overwhelmed the Swag’s defense to win 12-3. They made some stunning plays, from senior Jack Harney throwing a touchdown pass through two defenders’ arms into senior Scott Plaza’s hands to senior John Graven hammering the frisbee down most of the field to senior Sam Pope for a touchdown. Senior Dominic Scardina also made an incredible pass when he leaped out of bounds to save a frisbee behind the end zone, and in midair turned around and passed the frisbee to  senior Kevin Ganac for a touchdown. Swag, for their part, made a valiant effort. Senior Joe Latulip made an amazing save when he passed the frisbee in midair to senior Jack Redding from out of bounds. However, Flush made Swag struggle for almost every inch of the field, and shut them down.
This week’s interview
Each week, the Prospector will meet with one team and ask a few questions about the season so far. This week, the undefeated powerhouse Elevation.
Q: How does it feel to go undefeated so far?
Sophomore Mike Latulip: “Coming into this season, we didn’t expect much. Last year, we were not as good as a team.”
Junior Dan Hoffman: “We didn’t know where we would be, and after the first week we realized we can play with anyone.”
Junior Jim Ott: “We’re confident, not cocky. There’s plenty more work to be done, and we know it.”
Q: Barney and Friends supposedly had the power to topple Elevation, but they didn’t. How do you feel?
Junior Terry Redding: “Who doesn’t want the No. 1 team to go down? We have a big target on our back.”
Hoffman: “Barney, they’re a good team, and Cuba walked up and was like, ‘Yo, word on the street’s you’re going to be upset,’ and that just fired us up to play even harder.”
Ott: “The conditions weren’t ideal, but we thrive in that kind of weather. It didn’t faze us.”
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