Students excel at Harper Art Show

Shreya Thakkar

News Editor

Nov. 13 marked the 30th Annual Harper Area High School Art Show awards assembly. Eleven feeder schools within the area, including Prospect, participated in two categories: 2D art and 3D art.

Chosen by judges, there were winners per school. For Prospect, in 2D art, senior Mary Schiavone came in third place, senior Trevor Morrison came in second and junior Reed Skocz came in first. For 3D art, senior Dorian Goldman came in 3rd place, senior Mackinnon Hart came in second and senior Jordan Ramon came in first.

Two weeks before the award assembly, each of the 11 schools chose students’ artwork for the competition and brought it to Harper College on Nov. 3, where it was on display for two weeks.

Additionally, since this was the 30th anniversary of the Harper Art show, a few outstanding pieces of artwork was chosen to put on display in Harper College’s gallery. Skocz’s art was one of the ones chosen.

“I was really excited and i was really unexpected,” Skocz said. “I had no idea about them putting the artwork in their gallery [until mine was chosen]. It’s a really big honor even district-wide or just in the school because it’s been going on for 30 years and the art department doesn’t get much recognition besides the Harper show.”

According to art teacher Li Christoffersen, it is very competitive to win at the Harper Show.

“It’s a big honor because there are so many schools involved,” Christoffersen said. “Even just being chosen to have your work in the show is an honor. It’s pretty big.”