Largest club in district finds new home


By Devin Prasad (@the_d_prasad)
“The 13th season of [Ultimate Frisbee Club] will happen,” club director John Camardella said via email.
Throughout the summer many changes occurred at Prospect. Perhaps the biggest for the over 200 students projected to be in UFC were the renovations to circle drive and the beginning of construction of the pool. The renovations took out all of the fields that frisbee used to be played on which raised the question of whether or not the largest club in district 214 would remain in existence. Like Camardella said the season will go on, but with some major changes.
unnamedSenior Steven Norton, a member of Backyard Frisbee had no doubt that the season would be played.
“[Camardella] understands how important it is to so many of us and would do anything to give us another year to compete for the trophy,” Norton said.
Until construction is completed, Camardella is looking into off campus locations to run the club. He is really pulling for Melas Park which offers a vast amount of field space to allow UFC to continue to thrive.
While the off campus fields may offer some new scenery, Camardella feels that there is a chance that the move may hurt the club. Students in UFC would have to find their own way to get to Melas. The two and a half mile drive may be enough to drop the number of members below the projected 200, but according to Camardella, “Prospect frisbee players are pretty resilient.”
Going into the season, early favorites are Backyard Frisbee and Flight Team, according to Camardella. Backyard finished last season 17-4 and fourth in power rankings. Camardella suggests the team which is comprised of mainly seniors can continue to win if they can, “find that magic which made them one of the strongest teams [last] season.”
For Norton, a title this year is the only option.
“Anything less than a championship would be a major disappointment,” Norton said.
Flight Team finished just after Backyard in the power rankings with a record of 17-4. Camardella feels the mainly junior team can win if they can, “figure out a way to score early and often.”
Camardella was sure to mention that without seeing finalized rosters, he cannot yet make any assumptions regarding power rankings, but he feels Backyard and Flight Team will be amongst the most experienced teams.
Keep a close look out for news regarding frisbee which is scheduled to start play on September 11.
With the information meeting scheduled for this Thursday Sept. 3, many are anxious to close the following week with the well known ‘Frisbee Friday.’
Norton believes the club is a great way for students to relax after a long week of school and compete in a friendly environment.