Junior golfer gets hole-in-one


By Anthony Santangelo, sports editor
On Aug. 19 the varsity girls’ golf team was going through a regular practice round at Palatine Hills Golf Course. As junior Amanda Stein and other teammates approached the seventh hole, the team was conversing about people they know who have gotten hole in ones.
“I was saying my dad has had [a hole in one] and [varsity coach Jim Hamman] said that he had [a hole in one],” Stein said. “I swung and [the ball] went up in the air and [Hamaan] said, ‘nice shot’ and it hit the green and then it rolled in. I was playing with three other girls… and my coach was watching too so we all saw it go in.”
The team is looking solid this year with a record of 4-1. They only lost to Loyola Academy by six stroke. Stein shot a 40 at Palatine Hills on Aug. 24 which contributed greatly towards the blowout win against Palatine 164-203..
“Allison Buck and Taylor Gentri asked me if I ever had a hole in one,” Hamaan said. “I said yes I have had one… and the very next shot was Amanda and she hit a really good one…  it bounced right next to the pin, rolled right into the hole, and we just went crazy. It’s an awesome accomplishment. It couldn’t happen to a better girl and it was fun for the whole team, not just Amanda.”