Artist of the month: September


Maddy Lee
Q. What style do you primarily draw in?
A. I don’t have a consistent style. Rather, I kind of go with what I want. Sometimes I like soft edges and bright colors, and then other times it’s like really tight and sharp and the colors contrast a lot.
Q. How long have you been drawing for?
A. For a while, since elementary school. I never took it seriously until maybe seventh grade. That’s when I started drawing pretty much on a daily basis until now.
Q. How often do you draw?
A. I draw almost everyday, but it’s not like crazy projects. It’s more like I just doodle everyday, like I practice little things.
Q. How has your art improved?
A. I feel like it’s improved a lot, actually. When I was younger I was really into anime, so I drew a lot of anime at the time. As time passed it was like, “this isn’t really what I like.” So I started drawing more of a western style… It kind of just went on from there.
Q. Are you planning on doing anything with art in the future?
A. I want to be able to get into art school, and I hope to take more art classes soon so I can start to get better… I’m not the best, I’m far from it, and I still have a lot of things I need to work on.
Q. What advice would you give to younger artists or people just starting out?
A. For people that are just starting out, I’d say if you want to get into some kind of art school, or keep doing art as a career… practice, you need to practice a lot to get better. Second of all, this is more of a fundamental thing, if you want to start doing cartoons and stuff and draw a lot of people, you need to start learning basic anatomy. What I’d suggest doing is to look at photos of real life people and then draw what [you] see. That’s the basics of figure drawing.