2019 fall play looking for student writers


By Jenna Koch, executive entertainment editor
Professional playwright and PHS alumma Lauren Winters will be writing the script for the 2019 fall play. However, her and Jeremy Morton are inviting student writers and actors to help her with the writing process.
“If they’re current students who would like to learn about script writing they’ll be able to work with her, a professional, which is pretty sweet and amazing,” Morton said.
Students will be able to help with the writing process and do things such as revise, suggest new ideas, or even write pieces of the script.
“It’s going to be a lot of that kind of process, like ‘this is really funny, this is good, let me fix that,’” Morton said. “Maybe she’ll have a kid who’s really excited about that write a certain scene and revise it, or she’ll at least take their feedback on the scene.”
Student actors will be involved just as much as writers. Winters is going to come to PHS at the end of October and talk with the actors interested so she can write characters based off them.
“This is a piece that is being written specifically for Prospect’s theater program,” Morton said.
Applications are only being accepted through October 10th. After that, Winters will come to Prospect in December with a first draft of the script for the actors to perform and writers to revise.
“It’s going to depend on their writing,” Morton said. “if our author is interested in what they have to say…  she’ll bring them on board to be apart of that process. It could be zero it could be five. It depends on how many people submit in their writing prompts.”