Too little, too late for boys' volleyball against Buffalo Grove

By Riley Simpson
Sports Editor
Coming into their game against Buffalo Grove on Thursday night, the boys’ volleyball team knew it was playing with fire.  Buffalo Grove, whose volleyball program is one of the best in the state, has excellent hitters and an attacking offense, according to senior Mike Gemkow.
“One of our goals was to pull out a win,” Gemkow said, “but they’re one of the top teams in the state.  So we settled for playing at their level and being competitive.”

The Knights lost the first game 15-25 to the Bison, but pulled off a rally in the second game, where they played neck-and-neck with BG but ultimately lost 32-30.
Senior Patrick Benson attributes the team’s loss to blocking and serving, because “it’s the little things that kill us.  We just need some adjustment.”
“We went out there and thought we could compete with them,” Gemkow said. “We expected to win and we went out there to win.  But we didn’t come out on the right end of it.”
Both Gemkow and Benson actually play with a lot of BG players in the off-season in their volleyball club.  Gemkow said that he and Benson kind of knew what to expect out of their opponents, since they also got a taste of their gameplay at the Buffalo Grove Invite.
According to Benson, Prospect’s games against BG are always competitive and that he can’t wait to play them again at Buffalo Grove on May 6.
“Tonight, we came out fired up,” he said.  “Our best games are against BG.”