Orchesis to tour make district wide tour

By Danielle Church

Staff Writer

   Prospect and other D214 Orchesis teams will be performing at the 20th annual Orchesis D214 tour on Friday, April 13. All of the Orchesis teams are allowed to perform one, three minute dance at each of the D214 schools starting with Wheeling High School at 7:30 am.

   The girls will come to Prospect to perform during sixth period in the theater. Orchesis director Kristin Burton sent an email to teachers welcoming them to bring their classes down for the performance. Anyone is welcome to come see the girls.

   Orchesis will be performing the jazz opener from their “Through Our Eyes” show called “Keep it Down.” Burton chose the dance that the girls will perform for the tour.

   “I got a lot of positive feedback [about the dance] so I figured it would be a good idea to showcase it,” Burton said.

   She also likes the piece because all of the Orchesis girls are in it. They will all get a chance to go on the tour.

   Although all of the girls will be able to go, some specially selected seniors will be able to perform one more dance other than “Keep it Down.”

   Guest Choreographer Lizzie Mackenzie chose seniors Tori Alesi, Kim Brinati, Annie Franklin, and Kasia Nawrocki to perform in a dance along with seniors from other D214 high schools. Burton says all of the Orchesis girls are very excited to perform.

   All of the Orchesis girls will have to travel to each one of the D214 schools including Buffalo Grove, Hersey, Wheeling, Rolling Meadows, Elk Grove, and Prospect. However, Burton says it’s not very hard to get to the schools because they have figured a route out over the years that has made traveling much easier.

   “It’s not hard but we have to stay on schedule,” Burton said.

   One of her favorite things about the tour is the the diversity.

   “I think it’s interesting for the audience to see the diversity between the schools and the seniors who train in different backgrounds,” Burton said.